Gay marriage in California okayed by REPUBLICAN…

Via Todd Mayville
on May 16, 2008
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…judges?! Who’d a thunk it?

In what has to be one of the (sort of) more surprising twists, California’s State Supreme Court has legalized gay marriage. That’s not the surprising bit, though. The surprising part is that three of the four judges of the court were actually appointed by Republican governors, and one of the dissenting judges only dissented because, while he agrees with the majority opinion, he felt that it was an issue to be decided by the voters instead of the judges. In addition, the ol’ Governator, himself a Republican, issued a statement in support of the judges’ decision and said that he “will not support an amendment to the constitution that would overturn this state Supreme Court ruling.”

It’s kind of nifty seeing Republicans acting like Republicans and interpreting the law in a manner consistent with what they are supposed to stand for, rather than what their religious right cronies tell them what they are supposed to stand for.

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