Compost 85% of Your Trash!

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on Jun 4, 2008
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Where do kitchen scraps go when you throw ‘em away? Nowhere fast. Stuck in landfills, unaerated organic matter doesn’t decompose…worse, it causes the formation of methane gas, a principal cause of global warming. So plop your leftovers in an undersink bucket (with lid—no smell), then toss ‘em in your backyard bin (or local community garden, if you don’t have a yard) once a week. Today’s leaves, fruit and veggie scraps and used napkins will create tomorrow’s “black gold” fertilizing goodness—the kind folks buy in plastic bags at Whole Foods. P.S.: San Fran has achieved a 75% waste reduction through composting!


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2 Responses to “Compost 85% of Your Trash!”

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