Interns Get the PETA Treatment: pain!

Via Alex King
on Jun 12, 2008
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In a demonstration highlighting animal cruelty, PETA staged a provocative display that protested eating meat. We’re all about getting people’s minds around this issue, so what’s the problem?

The interns wrapped up were in excruciating pain from sitting in the sun while PETA argued with local authorities. Even Waylon’s management skills aren’t as cruel as this!

Nice double standard PETA, perhaps you should stick to throwing paint on mink coats. Check it out here


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6 Responses to “Interns Get the PETA Treatment: pain!”

  1. admin says:

    Yah, and you should report on how Gandhi and MLK Jr. unjustly caused their followers to get beat on by The Man.

    I think anyone who volunteers to work for PETA for free is probably pretty passionate about fighting for equal rights for animals, at least in the not-getting-killed-after living a miserable life and eating crap food arena.

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  6. adminx2 says:

    uh.. Ghandhi ate meat. so did Martin Luther King Jr.
    They fought for something much greater then making money and shameless advertisement like peta does.
    Go read some history buddy.