We Care What You Think. [Laughter]

Via Merete Mueller
on Jun 13, 2008
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I get a lot of quality time with our ed-in-chief Waylon—about 35 hours a week, egad…and we enjoy a friendly argument now and then. Whether it’s about feminism (we’re still working through that one), green media, East Coast vs. West Coast, a specific edit in a specific article…I’m learning to take my opinions less seriously, to loosen up a little…and Waylon, maybe, is learning to listen to other points of view (one can always hope). So now it’s your turn: this issue, our readers wrote in on same-sex marriage, the death of “real yoga” and the repeated interjection of “[laughter]” in interviews. Waylon responded to each one of them, but the back-and-forth isn’t over. By giving the ele community your two cents, you can help us keep the discussion going. And that’s the whole point of media: communication.


About Merete Mueller

Merete is a writer and filmmaker, and was once-upon-a-time the Managing Editor of elephant journal's print incarnation, from 2006-2008. Today, you can find her on Twitter @meretemueller and on her blog To The Bones. Her first documentary, "TINY: A Story About Living Small", about people who have downsized their lives into homes the size of a parking space, premiered at SXSW in March 2013.


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