July 7, 2008

Summer 2008 Ecofashion: ‘Built to Last,’ via Urban Pearl, Park Vogel, Jen Murphy, Keen Footwear, Smart Car, Skin and Threads, Nudie, Levis, Simple’s Green Toe, Abbey Smith, Timmy D’Antonio, Caroline Treadway, Common Threads, Buffalo Exchange, Mrs. Meyers, Kicking Mule, Allie Dodge…4 elephant journal.

Imagine a new generation of gas station.

Old Sinclair becomes a new modern market. Pull up to the pump and the owner of the gas station greets you with a cappuccino, for-here. A restored antique truck with higher M.P.G. than your average S.U.V. pulls up next to a new wave Smart Car, and pumps 100% domestic oil next to a sign saying, “Foreign Oil is Crude.”

Imagine a zero waste facility with pump-side recycling/composting stations; the traditional convenience store replaced with rolling aisles of organic groceries and snacks. No A.T.M., lottery tickers or tobacco—this is a “Cancer Free Zone.” Employees get paid above-market wages and get a bonus if they bike or walk to work. Imagine a row of road bikes outside—and inside a clickety-clack spandex-clad cycling team is fueling up with Italian espresso and local Organic Valley milk.

Welcome to the modern gas station, re-imagined for a sustainable society. ~Abbey Smith, curator.

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