Yesica’s first blogephant: Love & the End of the Earth.

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on Jul 9, 2008
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We like to think that we can destroy the world, to which I keep thinking: “What a silly thing, we for sure can destroy humanity as we do destroy all the animal world with the overuse of control and abuse of power. But the world…the world can’t be destroyed, since it is the law: matter does not die, it transforms.” So, Love, we all want love somehow or the other, and we all enjoy giving love because it simply feels awesome and exciting, and it makes you smile! So why do so many people in the world choose to live not smiling? Is it their destiny?

Stay Happy, yeye

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2 Responses to “Yesica’s first blogephant: Love & the End of the Earth.”

  1. Kate Aramintha says:

    Wonderful thoughts Yesica. It’s hard sometimes to stay positive, but you raise good points. I look forward to reading your blog…

  2. Yesica says:

    Thank you Kate, you are a light and with people like you in the world, the world is saved 🙂