Joshua Onysko: Pangea Organics Keeps it Real.

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on Jul 6, 2008
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Did you know that the terms “natural” and “organic” don’t mean squat when it comes to bodycare? Joshua Onysko, founder of Pangea Organics, keeps it real (and really organic).


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11 Responses to “Joshua Onysko: Pangea Organics Keeps it Real.”

  1. Jo says:

    I thought this was such an inspiring interview. I think the world will know of Josh Onyska and the mission behind Pangea! I’m using the brilliant skin care line!

  2. AnaGrace says:

    Enjoyable Interview! Josh thankyou so much! Your approach as a Revolutionary as opposed to some Hippy talking about being Vegan & Organic Makes it so much easier for one to wrap their mind around, also using Pangea becomes this whole envolvement not just an application of skin and bodycare!

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  4. Mike says:

    This site has an interview with Joshua Onysko.. (Episode 4) – Great site for podcast called ‘Conscious business’

  5. […] first saw the above CD while hanging with ol’buddies Josh Onysko and Stephanie Bernstein. I then met her in NYC at her yoga studio in SOHO, and again at […]

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  7. […] briefly met the Jenny and Jason, the founders of Acroyoga—acrobatic yoga—a few years back when Joshua Onysko and I lived in the same apartment building, on Broadway in downtown Boulder. Then, […]

  8. […] Pangea Organic’s Holiday Gift Box offers naturally-fragranced washing wonders that make your dirty body naturally clean again.  This luxurious holiday gift box includes Egyptian Basil and Mint Shower Gel, Canadian Pine with White Sage Bar Soap, Coconut Soap Dish, and Chilean Red Clover with Geranium and Grapefruit sample hand and body lotion.  The hand and body lotion is my favorite with smells  of fruity-tang that doesn’t leave a sticky feel after use.  All of the scents are very appealing to the nose, and due to their natural, outdoorsy smell, they are perfect for both guys and gals.  Perfect gift for the girlfriend and I’ll bet on it you will catch the boyfriend using the soap bar (already happened in my house.)  With 89% of everything put on your body being absorbed, buy something truly organic.  I’d say Pangea products are good enough to eat, so lather up with organic washes and feel good.  This gift not only gives you a delightfully smelling (and clean) bod, but also gives back to the environment.  All items in this holiday gift set are recycled and recyclable, thus are not damaging the environment, while the packaging actually improves the environment.  The paper box the gift set is packaged in, along with the soap box package, grows a Colorado Blue Spruce Tree.  Just soak the box for a day, and plant it in the earth.  If everyone plants their holiday gift box and bar soap box this year, collectively, we will have planted 122,000 trees which is equivalent to not driving 30 million miles in one year!  Multiply that out by 75 years, the average lifespan of a Spruce, and that’s 2 billion, 250 millions that we’re collectively offsetting!  Not too shabby, so this holiday season, gift right. Give the gift of life, big, fluffy, piney life. […]

  9. […] Organics, however, is the real thing. Founder Joshua Onysko uses no petroleum-based ingredients or synthetic preservatives, no artificial colors or fragrances. […]

  10. Phil says:

    I was hoping to be able to watch this, but it doesn’t look like it’s available, the player just says:


    Is it available somewhere else? I looked around a bit, youtube, etc, but couldn’t find it.

  11. Celie says:

    Pangea Organics is fast becoming the organic skin care line of choice due to its effective results driven products and its ethical vision and values. Love Panagea and founder Joshua has done a great job