Burying me Softly…with a “Green” Coffin. [Tip: Low-Impact Living]

Via Waylon Lewis
on Aug 15, 2008
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You know it’s unAmerican to even acknowledge the existence of death…we’re like the modern-day Vikings, who don’t know the meaning of anything other than progress (however we choose to define it). Well, I do know one day that, as the Buddha taught (brilliant), “this body will be a corpse.”

But I don’t know how I’ll go. I know I’ll leave everything to my ma, if I go early, and I’ll leave my puppy to Caroline, should I depart this earth for…this earth…a little early.

But whether I go when I’m an old man or this morning, biking through the rain to the Trident to do some laptoppin’ and gyokuroing (I’m weaning my shaky self, yet again, from that urban drug known as the cappuccino)…well I don’t know how I want to be buried. And that’s irresponsible.

So, Dave Rogers and Noel McLellan, best friends, go here. Decide for yourself. I don’t want my burial to cost much. I want it to be low/no-impact. And I want lots of bagpipes played. I know it’s morbid, but if you search my iTunes for ‘funeral,’ you’ll find a few classics including, most importantly, Joe Strummer’s ‘The Minstrel Boy.’


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2 Responses to “Burying me Softly…with a “Green” Coffin. [Tip: Low-Impact Living]”

  1. marin says:

    I hadn’t given it much thought until I read Heather’s post (Even Death Isn’t Low Impact) the other day, but it MATTERS. After just a few minutes of e-research, I found tons of resources and some eco-options I hadn’t known possible: burials at sea, the very cool Eternal Reefs, and green cemeteries that double as wildlife preserves. It may be considered morbid, but if you really care about your impact, take the time to think about your most enduring one.

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