Dirty Money: How much does your state rep accept from the coal industry?

Via Merete Mueller
on Aug 14, 2008
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On this site, you can search by zip code to see exactly how much moolah each state rep accepts from the coal industry. Why do we care? Because coal-fired plants are the largest remaining source of mercury emissions in the country. In one year, the average coal plant generates 170 pounds of mercury, when just 1/70th of a teaspoon of mercury dropped into a 25-acre lake can make the fish unsafe to eat. Plus 225 pounds of arsenic, which will cause cancer in 1 out of 100 people who drink water contaminated by it.

So, screw in your CFLs (if you live in a region powered by coal, like Boulder, even just one CFL will reduce coal consumption) and let your congressman (or woman) know that their community doesn’t support coal. 


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  1. Todd says:

    GREAT info, Heather! Thanks!!