August 2, 2008

I ([email protected]#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@) touched a Tesla Roadster yesterday.


I ran into the tall lean Kimbal Musk, yesterday, while I was biking about with my lil’hound, Redford. He said, hey, I just moved into the neighborhood. I said, yah, I heard—he’d bought a castle-like new house that abuts Open Space and has the coolest old-brick secondary building you’ve ever seen.

As I’m writing this a dude just biked by with a B.O.B. I want to review one for the magazine. Actually, I just want one so I can put Redford on it when he’s tired of running about. 

Where was I. So, Kimbal says, but that’s not all. Come check out my…Tesla Roadster. He’s got the first in Colorado—word on the street is there’s only 100 in circulation at all right now. So we stroll to his castle, he opens up the garage…and I have a Back to the Future moment. But this is no DeLorean…this is better. You know Green is mainstream when mainstream folks can love something without caring about its eco aspects. This car is hot. It’s built on a Lotus chassis, I believe (I’m no car guy, I’m a bike guy). It’s low to the ground, it’s shaped like a sexy bullet—and the top pops off. Heaven. Only then do you notice that it’s…plugged in, making it the cleanest car this side of sustainability. 

Shots courtesy my bro, or should I say my daddio—Mr. Al Baldocchi.


For a blog from one of Tesla’s founders, Martin Eberhard…click your heels here.

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Read 12 comments and reply

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