August 4, 2008

Green Crush #10: Leilani Munter, the Green Race Car Driver.

Leilani Munter: The Carbon-Free Girl.

What good would the Green Generation be if we didn’t get to have some crushes? Here’s number 10 on my top 10 list: Leilani Munter adopts an acre of rainforest for every race she enters. Seems silly, trite? Back off, buddy—you know what’s silly is racing (and, often crashing) multi-million dollar cars in a big loop, polluting the air we all breathe…and not bothering to do something to eco-ameliorate all that good fun. 

Can you digg it? I did—Leilani, I was your 11th Digg…and this blog will send many more fans to you…if you feel you owe me the chance to take you out for a drink, I wouldn’t argue…Waylon…Waylon, Waylon…Wake up, Waylon.

For more on the “Carbon-Free Girl,” the self-proclaimed “vegetarian hippie chick race car driver” and her “journey to be carbon neutral—a diary of her lifetime project of sorting through the facts & fiction about alternative fuels, organic food, clean energy, green buildings, solar power, wind farms, composters, recycled toilet paper, politics & more—all while she makes a living driving a race car at 200 mph”—click here

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Ima Water May 30, 2010 2:51am

Did you know we are killing ourselves slowly? Everyday we dump tons of plastic bags into our be loving Mother Earth. The conscious is like Karma. We did something bad to the earth and we will get it back. Look at the lakes, rivers and underground water near the dumping areas. The toxics of these plastic bags are leaking out. There are no way to stop the toxic leakage unless we stop dumping more in the ground. Stop using plastic bags and start using green supply bags. Cheap and last a long time.

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