Matthew Sanford: Yoga for Paralysis, Yoga for Activists, Yoga for Democrats

Via Merete Mueller
on Aug 26, 2008
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“It took a devastating car accident, paralysis from the chest down,” Matthew Sanford says, “and dependence on a wheelchair before I truly realized the importance of my body.”

Anyone who’s walked away from a decent yoga class knows the post-yoga relaxed buzz. Finally being able experience your life without thinking of a million other random things. Ah yes, the magic of embodiment. But Matthew Sanford brings yoga’s resorative, strength-building qualities to the next level. After becoming paralyzed from the chest down in a car accident at the age of 13, Matthew eventually began searching for a way to take care of his stationary body—and found yoga. Today, he is a yoga teacher, public speaker, founder of the non-profit MindBody Solutions and the recent author of an autobiography.

Matthew will be teaching yoga classes at the Huffington Post’s Oasis (but you need a special pass to get in) this week at the Democratic National Convention, and will be teaching a workshop at Om Time on the connection between yoga and activism. Not in Denver? Well then, check out his site.  


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