Michelle Obama: Pretty In Pink

Via Anna Gilkerson
on Aug 29, 2008
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She’s pragmatic. She’s tough and smart. She’s a driving force behind an important man.  Yet, I do not see many primary hued pantsuits on this woman.  Instead, Michelle Obama chooses to wear silky fabrics in rich feminine colors.

The jewel tones and soft chiffon layering soften her approach. Politically, this is a chic strategy, not to mention getting to dress up and be pretty with her two girls.

After Obama’s speech at the DNC on Thursday evening, the whole gang got up there and the color palette was bubblegum, cherry, fuchsia and B&W….. WOW!

Good-bye red, white, blue stripes and stars…welcome turquoise, amethyst and ruby flower brooches.
One of her designers of choice is Maria Pinto featured below (middle).

Her suits and dress designs are elegant, minimalist and architectural. Does she use an organic hemp/tussah silk blend? No, but all the fabrics are made in Italy at least. We can look pretty and be smart at the same time.  Go girl!


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Eco- Artist- Buddhist- Fashion designer from Nova Scotia, Canada: deuxfm.com + makenewvintage.blogspot.com


6 Responses to “Michelle Obama: Pretty In Pink”

  1. admin says:

    Great post, Anna! Check this out: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/06/08/fashion/08michelle.html?ex=1370836800&en=39af41432dd4bba5&ei=5124&partner=permalink&exprod=permalink

    The second from bottom outfit is subtle, refined, bold, flattering. She’s my kinda Lady, the kinda lady I wanna find for myself some day (way) down the road.

  2. anna says:

    Yeah Great article, thanks (missed that one, I am pretty much a die hard nyt fan)

    I WILL write about something world saving soon,
    I swear.

  3. al deSart says:

    yes! a modern day jackie-o. it will be so nice to see some color in washington.

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  6. Sarita Klock says:

    Thank yo very much for this awesome article. I’ve read your articles for a decent time now, and they are always getting better. 🙂 Cheers