It’s…Obama & Biden 2008! A Biden Primer.

Via elephant journal
on Aug 23, 2008
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He’s charming, he’s a talker who had two of the best quotes of the primary season: “Giuliani says three things in every sentence: a noun, a verb, and 9/11.” And, when asked if he could control his verbosity, a pause, then, “Yes.” Then a smile.

He’s got a decade more experience in the Senate than McCain, he wears aviator glasses and clears his own brush. He’s the attack dog, tough guy, head of Foreign Affairs Committee than the younger, newer Obama needs to take on the Republicans.



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2 Responses to “It’s…Obama & Biden 2008! A Biden Primer.”

  1. admin says:

    He’s likable, charming, tough, experienced in Washington and abroad—he can’t rightly be called a club member because he’s too much of a loose cannon, mostly in a good way. Obama made the mature choice, interestingly; one that will get some criticism and isn’t as fun as a younger Bayh or Kaine—but one that will help him to govern.

    While I respect and used to actively defend him, I don’t think McCain—who will be 77 if and when he fulfills his first term—is up to the job of keeping his maverick integrity and buying off the monied Right. Beyond that, I agree with David Green’s comments:

    “Yes, Biden is a good choice, but let’s try to get over the “experience” argument. What experience did Teddy Roosevelt have when he became President at age 42? When he ran for Vice-President with McKinley in 1900, his total experience in elective office amounted to less than two years as Governor of New York.
    What matters is judgment and integrity. McCain ran out on a sick wife to marry an heiress, was one of the notorious Keating Five, supports tax breaks for the wealthy few, and knowingly distorts Obama’s position on everything from taxes to energy.
    Apparently Cindy McCain’s entire fortune is under her sole control because of a pre-nuptual agreement. Think about that, folks. If his own wife doesn’t trust him, how can you?
    — Posted by David Green”

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