Simran Sethi: Water is More Expensive than Milk or Gasoline.

Via Merete Mueller
on Aug 26, 2008
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From $40 LA “Bling Water” to “Kabbalah Water” to plain old Dasani (which I’ve heard comes from the tap in Queens), Simran Sethi‘s latest blog on the Huffington Post uncovers the hidden cost of water. On both our wallets and our planet. Get the full scoop here

Think re-using that Fiji Water bottle will offset the guilt you feel from buying it in the first place? The plastic used to make most single-use water bottles are exactly that: single-use. When re-used they leach chemicals into your water over time. So it’s better to toss them in the recycling bin and invest in a non-toxic re-usable water bottle. Here are some of our favs:

Sigg, a Swiss company makes super-durable water bottles and thermoses, that will keep your bev icy cold or steamy hot, minus the toxic chemicals found in some Nalgenes and plastic water bottles. 

Wellness Water Filters makes a re-usable bottle that actually contains a volcanic ash filter inside the bottle—so you can fill up at a water fountain or at the tap and the water will be sparkly clean before it hits your lips. 

Earth Water International makes their bottles using biodegradable corn (which doesn’t help much if it goes to the landfill…but if you have a compost pile, it’s a start!) and donates proceeds directly to the UN Refugee Fund, which helps bring clean water to displaced people around the world. 


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  1. YogaDawg says:

    Great job on this blog. I don’t like most that I come across but this is one of the best. Keep up the great work.

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