video: McCain is a Warmonger (they said the same of Churchill).

Via Waylon Lewis
on Aug 16, 2008
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Personally, I appreciate the sentiment and power of this video, but I think—I hope—that it’s a bit over the top. John McCain may be a military man, but for all his faults I think he’s a good man. As if often said, no one loves war who knows war.

Still, the Commander-in-Chief ought to hate war. Our President ought to want to avoid war, and the civilian and military deaths that go with it. When we could have built or rebuilt every public school in America three times over with what we’ve spent in Iraq—with enough left over to fund universal healthcare—and all we got was trillions in debt to China, an inflamed, WMDless and ongoing Mideast crisis, a strengthened Taliban in Afghanistan…well it makes me hope that our next President will be strong enough to restrain his own temper.


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