Before WWII, everything was organic. (Eco bodycare: did you know skin absorbs 87% of what’s put on it?)

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on Sep 2, 2008
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My grandma says “This organic stuff is a scam.” I pause a beat, and deliver my come-back: “No it’s not!” Fact is, before Dubya-Dubya Two, everything was organic. It’s old-timey. And the idea of slathering chemical-laden moisturizer all over your face has got to be one of the stranger fictions to arise from our culture’s chemical hangover. But until recently, there wasn’t much of an alternative. Now there is.

Review via Waylon Lewis, from the Spring 2006 issue


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2 Responses to “Before WWII, everything was organic. (Eco bodycare: did you know skin absorbs 87% of what’s put on it?)”

  1. Jason says:

    Although Organic farming is a SCAM.

    The government has
    an agenda up their sleeves whereby they plan to make everything GM to
    the point where we consumers no longer have a choice between organic
    foods and the GM foods. I believe this plan involves contaminating
    the entire range of food with GM foods, as this would align with
    their intent on bringing about the Codex regulations that are
    supposed to be put into place in Dec 2009. Notice earlier I said
    that “consumers no longer have a choice”. I believe this is because
    the farmers who are registered as organic, will not meet the strict
    guidelines that are to be set by our government to be considered
    “organic”, due to the contamination- this may cause the shutting down
    of organic farms as a whole.

    So what can be done about this? Well first we must realize two
    things. 1) the right by any farmer to grow organic is a choice- one
    chooses to become an organic farmer because it is the right thing to
    do. 2) the government regulations set for organic farmers is by law –
    and no farmer is forced to be an organic farmer, but if one so
    chooses to grow organic, they must be held to these strict, and soon
    to be unachievable standards/requirements.

    Where does that leave us? We must do away with federal regulations of
    mandates for organic farming. Truth be told that any farmer that
    chooses to do their own organic farming will not be forced to
    shutdown if there is no criteria for organic farming- farmers will
    continue to do the right thing by growing natural foods free of
    pesticides. Next, we must lobby our congressmen and women to put an
    end to GM foods, so we can get back to nature. If the first
    requirement of doing away with organic regulation is to occur first,
    the government will have no way of tracking what farmers are doing
    the natural farming, and this is in the best interests of the farmer
    and ultimately the consumers – there will need to be new terminology
    used to describe natural, whole foods that is free of government
    oversight, as the term “organic” now carries legislative restrictions.

  2. Great information…thanks for sharing it