Best Yoga Studio in Denver? Vote here! [Om Time, Samadhi Yoga, Corepower, Iyengar Yoga, Sunstone…]

Via Waylon Lewis
on Sep 5, 2008
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I like Samadhi. Corepower’s hugely popular. Om Time, which started out in my lil’hometown of Boulder, is great. Thing is, I haven’t practiced at any of them—’cause I live in the Boulder Bubble, and it’d take me too long to bike my cruiser up I-25. So vote here! And if you got something to say on a real yoga-focused web site (as opposed to that link) leave a comment re who’s your favorite studio, teacher, and why.


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18 Responses to “Best Yoga Studio in Denver? Vote here! [Om Time, Samadhi Yoga, Corepower, Iyengar Yoga, Sunstone…]”

  1. Annie says:

    Samadhi is the life expression of true divinity. The staff, teachers and owner come from a place of seva or selfless service in all that they do. Samadhi is created to be more of a temple for the unfoldment of your ultimate and true self. Students experience bliss through regular asana classes, complimentary meditation classes, satsangs, kirtan, special Yogic Study workshops, Special Interest Intensives and of course the Yoga Teacher Training program. The space and the community have been blessed with many visiting Gurus through the years. Each leaving a special piece of themself behind for us to savor. Samadhi is without a doubt completely dedicated to the honorable service of others and it shows in everything that they do!!

  2. Joe says:

    The new Om Time Denver studio is sweet! It is on Santa Fe in the Denver art district. The teachers on staff have many years of experience between them, and the Om Time community is very much like a family to me. If you haven’t been there to check out the new space, what are you waiting for?

  3. Santi Devi says:

    Samadhi’s has created a temple for the practice of yoga and worship of the Divine. Through the course of its evolution it has become a true community of individuals committed to Self-realization, seva, and devotional puja. Samadhi’s honors the historical and living wisdom tradition of Yoga. I have yet to find a “yoga studio” that is so deeply rooted in the “spiritual ” aspects of what we have come to define as “yoga”.
    Santi Devi

  4. V40F says:

    Yoga is all about knowing you are cooler than everyone else in the scene. There’s nothing like the rocking music blasting to get me amped up for Being Present. My Ommmms blow the roof off everytime we get together in our Lulelemon gear and talk about all our global workshops with John and Baron. We’re taking over Denver and then the world. And you better get in with us or you’ll be missing out on the fun, the margaritas and all the sh-sh-shanti your little hearts can desire.

  5. Hukum says:

    Is this a real question??? Best yoga studio? Americans need to rethink what yoga is!

    Is this about promotion?
    Is this about money?
    Is this about ego?

    If what you are teaching is truth, and the frequency is high enough, the universe will bring all the prosperity you could dream of.

  6. Waylon Hussein Lewis says:

    How profound, Hukum, let me borrow your Spirituality for Dummies book so I can speak your dialect.

    There’s a Zen saying: before enlightenment, the mountain is just a mountain. While practicing, you see the mountain is no longer a mountain. After enlightenment, you see the mountain is just a mountain, again. Sometimes it’s okay to ask a simple question (the mountain is a mountain). What yoga studio do you like? It helps people find their path, their home, their kula or sangha or just a fun place to work out that’s safe and opening—depending on what they’re looking for.

    In your dialectic, I’ll rephrase the question: “In your humble opinion, as a student, which yoga studio best resonates, with the highest frequency, for your path?”

    That said, Americans do need to rethink what yoga is: We’ve asked that question, one way or the other, of Seane Corn, Richard Freeman, Elena Brower, Deepak Chopra, Tias Little, John Friend, and hope at the upcomin’ Yoga Journal Conference in Estes to ask it of David Life and Sharon Gannon and Rodney Yee and Patricia Walden.

    One thing’s certain: yoga is not exercise, merely. Another thing: yoga is popular in the US because, fundamentally, it is a great form of exercise. Note that meditation, while profound, difficult and simple (much like yoga) is more private, less physically practical, and therefore you don’t see a meditation shop on the corner of every other block in, even, Boulder.

  7. yeye says:

    What about Harmony Yoga Studio?
    The best Studio choice last year in Denver City Search…beautiful people, positive vibrations, all styles of yogas, workshops and excellent location ~ great loveS

  8. KoshaDosha says:

    Best comments: V40F and Hukum

  9. John Cargile says:

    I agree with Hukum: Where did this question come from Waylon? Seems so out of place on Elephant’s Blog, which usually is fun and informative.

    Samadhi is my home and the home to many in the Denver yoga community. It is truly a sacred space, and offers some of the best classes anywhere from teachers who truly care about their students. It is truly a place with no ego and lots of heart.

    I also practice a lot at Vital Yoga. Fantastic classes with a strong feeling of a loyal community going. Patrick, the Springers and Regina have created wonderful spaces for Denver.

    Never been to a Core Power, so I can’t comment other than saying they do a great job giving people an entry into yoga and for that they should be commended.

    Om Time Denver, all of two months, can’t be listed as the best, but they sure are trying to be. Sort of like the Yankees of yoga studios, they’ve signed top teachers from all around to hold classes there. Good luck to them.

  10. admin says:

    Sorry, John, guess I’m still confused as to the objection. I thought a post asking folks which yoga studios they liked best would be informative for newbies. Not meant to be a horserace.

  11. yogalover says:

    If the question is great yoga , the answer is Sunstone Yoga in Littleton. The teachers have created a welcoming awesome community that is fabulous for anyone. Also I have children and the kids yoga program is so amazing.

  12. Viya says:

    There is no place like SAMADHI…
    The place feels great, variety of teachers and classes is excellent.
    Moreover, Samadhi offers lectures of visiting teachers and other yogic philosophy related events.
    Samadhi goes beyond yoga asanas, that’s why it’s my absolutely favorite studio in Denver.

  13. Steven Norber says:

    I do not suspect those who teach yoga, nor those who own yoga centers are aligned with the idea of commodifying yoga. Sadly, when yoga is placed into a culture underpinned by competition, teachers and yoga school owners are powerless with respect to the mindset and enculturated attitude of the individual who is interested in learning yoga.
    The individual who is interested in learning yoga typically will be new to yoga, however as a consumer will be swayed one way or another, over and against the infinite nature of yoga. They will judge and define yoga from the perspective of a consumer and classify what they think they know about yoga into categories of real or false, better or worse. They will, in effect be “won over” as per their selection of where to study, thus unwittingly perpetuate in their own mind and manifest action the competitive modus operandi they may be hoping to escape.
    Unfortunately, and more often than not, they may very possibly put off or discard what might be the opportunity to study a lineage based yoga (e.g., Patanjali as per B.K.S. Iyengar, or Shri K. Pattabhi Jois) in exchange for study at a well marketed exercise center that does business under the guise or label of yoga.
    I have attended yoga classes and listened to more than one teacher on more than one occasion make the statement that all is yoga.
    This statement is equivalent to saying that if all cake is chocolate, than all chocolate is cake. Or, more directly: if yoga means to reconcile all aspects of being, then any aspect of being is yoga. Clearly, ego is an aspect of being, however if my focus was directed toward fortifying and sustaining ego, then I might be unable to question whether or not such an understanding of yoga as ego and its perpetuation is going to help me manage the fluctuations of my consciousness. (Please see Patanjali’s second sutra).
    I am an abject beginner in the discipline of yoga, however have learned to separate the wheat from the chafe, so to speak, when it comes to understanding that the study of a lineage based yoga is a (multi?) lifetime discipline.
    I am not trying to judge the non-lineage based yoga as “bad.” In fact, from time to time I enjoy getting a so called “work out” in the non-lineage based centers, albeit I would not say that what was taught was yoga. Nor would I feel duplicitous in saying my intention to practice yoga in my day to day mode of living, bring yoga to everyday situations–that such intention and practice will not change something which is not yoga into yoga.
    I think it is wonderful that Americans are inspired to move and exercise in new ways, and maybe, just maybe be inspired to study a lineage based yoga.
    I only ask that the two not be confused.
    Steven Norber

  14. Mary says:

    Samadhi is wonderful, both business and community center. Love the group meditation opportunities they provide.

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  16. elle says:

    Criminy, it seems as though everyone took this opportunity to try to prove THEY were high-and-mightier for NOT having asked this question themselves. I just so happen to have fun practicing within a kula. Does that make me wrong, like they just so righteously pointed out?