Corey Kohn Photography: At Folsom St. Coffee, In Boulder.

Via Merete Mueller
on Sep 9, 2008
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Corey Kohn has an eye for details. Her photos seem both effortless and highly skilled, and every time I see one it’s as if I’m in her head for the “ah-ha” moment, colors popping in a certain slanted light, the composition coming together in a single moment when the shutter clicks. 

In Boulder? Well, lucky you, you can view Corey’s photos from her travels in India and Nepal, in person at Folsom St. Coffee, throughout September. Not in Boulder? Then get thee to her website, or sign up for her “photo of the week” e-newsletter. 

The Folsom St. photo exhibit is running in conjunction with the Light of Berotsana Conference of Translators. To find out more, watch this video with Jules Levinson, on the importance of translating Tibetan texts to preserve an endangered culture. 



as if she was walking through an alley, and saw something framed a certain way, in a certain light, and captured it. In Boulder? View her photos live, at Folson 


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