October 1, 2008

It gets better: Couric interviews Palin, Part II.











Missed the first video of Katie Couric’s patient, serious interviews of Hockey Mom wannabe VP Sarah Palin? Click here. Below is round two—in which Palin makes me laugh, and cry, and…cringe.

And remember: the VP debate betwen Senator Biden and Gov’ner Palin is Thursday, and register-to-vote deadlines are this next week in many states around the US.

Here’s an excerpt from Baltimore Sun: “The second part of Katie Couric’s interview this week on the campaign with Sarah Palin covered the Republican vice presidential candidate’s thoughts on homosexuality, feminism, abortion, evolution, global warming and Joe Biden’s age.

Most of the answers involved considerable tap dancing by Palin while Couric steadfastly used follow-up questions to try and get straightforward answers.

Representative of the conversation was Palin’s response when Couric asked her a hypothetical question aimed at getting her views on abortion: “If a 15-year-old girl is raped by her father,” Couric asked, “do you believe it should be illegal for her to get an abortion — and why?”

“I am pro-life,” Palin said. “And I am unapologetic in my position that I am pro-life. …Now I would counsel to choose life….”

“But ideally,” Couric persisted, “you think it should be illegal for a girl who was raped or the victim of incest to get an abortion?”

“I’m saying that, personally, I would counsel the person to choose life despite horrific, horrific circumstances that this person would find themselves in. …”

But then she added that she wouldn’t want to see anyone sent to jail for having an abortion.

Couric had to ask three times before Palin gave anything approaching a straight answer on whether she condones or condemns the use of the morning-after pill.

“Personally, I would not choose to participate in that kind of contraception,” Palin finally said.

When asked if she considered herself a feminist, Palin said, “I do. I’m a feminist who, uh, believes in equal rights and I believe that women certainly have every opportunity that a man has to succeed, and to try and do it all, anyway.”

Palin herself brought up the issue of homosexuality as part of a discussion…” for the rest of the article, click here.

Part II Video:

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