New York Fashion week: Eko-Lab

Via Anna Gilkerson
on Sep 28, 2008
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Eko-Lab: local + sustainable + design + collaborative

For New York fashion week Eko-Lab produced their first organic fashion exhibition “Eko-Laborative” at the Gabarron Foundation, Carriage House Center for the Arts.

We had an amazing turn out at this event. Each designer head to toe look was hand crafted in organic fabrics and dyed with earth friendly, natural or low impact dyes. Many of the accessories are made from organic, recycled and vintage resources.All of the designers who collaborated on “Eko-Laborative” are so glad to be doing something positive in fashion for us and our planet at such an inspiring level.

Here are some more pictures from the exhibit.

I LOVE the patchwork jersey dress and that long red one.

I guess I am a hippie at heart…

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3 Responses to “New York Fashion week: Eko-Lab”

  1. paulina says:


  2. absolutely Luscious!

  3. Leon says:

    Stunning, original, inspiring work