Pangea Organics Soap Bar: pure, delicious and…the compostable packaging is alive.

Via Lindsey Block
on Sep 29, 2008
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Who knew a shower could do so much? Not only will you smell like an herb garden but your cleanliness grows a tree.  My flavor: Pyrenees Lavender with Damiana Tea. My Tree: Spruce.  What do a Spruce tree and my lavender bar of soap have in common you ask?  The soap box contains seeds, so if you soak the box for 24 hours and plant the box in the ground, before you know it, a Spruce tree will pop up!  Every carboard soap box kills 90,000 trees, but buying Pangea soap bars will not only save the 90,000 trees but plant 90,000 more!


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5 Responses to “Pangea Organics Soap Bar: pure, delicious and…the compostable packaging is alive.”

  1. andrea says:

    I love this product! Check Out The Truth About… for expert opinions on Organics —

  2. […] thus are not damaging the environment, while the packaging actually improves the environment.  The paper box the gift set is packaged in, along with the soap box package, grows a Colorado Blue Spruce Tree. […]

  3. […] a very strong environmentally friendly background as well as way of creating their cosmetics, using natural herbs and spices, along with mostly vegan […]

  4. phil says:

    i would like to start a collection of pangea organics soap box for a school project, if you can spare the box for me that would be great, please drop me an email : [email protected]. I will pay for the shipping. Preferably say about six units of different types. thank you, 7kyoto ([email protected])

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