Seven Reasons I Heart Sarah Palin. (Obama is down by 4 points in yesterday’s USA Today Poll)

Via Waylon Lewis
on Sep 9, 2008
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Okay, this is from the other team, but if you like Vice (as long as McCain is healthy) President Palin, here’s some info that goes deeper than “I’m a hockey mom, I’m a hockey mom.”

“Bush, Cheney give Palin thumbs-up” – AP 9/08/08

On the same day that John McCain released an ad claiming he and Palin would bring change, George Bush and Dick Cheney gave her a big vote of confidence. Does anyone really think Bush or Cheney is looking to change Washington after the last eight years?

For the Bridge to Nowhere…before she was against it

Less than two years ago on the campaign trail, Palin actually ran for governor on a pledge to support wasting federal money on the so-called “Bridge to Nowhere.” Once Congress killed the project, she kept the money anyway. But today she claims she was against it all along. Which is it? Read More >>

Friendliness with Big Oil pays big dividends for Palin

Palin claims she stood up to Big Oil, but that’s not what the oil industry lobbyists who poured thousands into her last campaign would call it. For someone who thinks we can drill our way out of our problems, Palin didn’t bat an eye when it came to helping Dick Cheney’s friends in Big Oil export natural gas from Alaska. Read More >>

Standing up to special interests…with lobbyists

As mayor of Wasilla, Palin hired a lobbyist tied to indicted Bridge to Nowhere sponsor Ted Stevens to get the tiny town millions in federal earmarks. Putting a Big Oil lobbyist on her ticket as lieutenant governor gave a big boost to her run for governor, too. Read More >>

Playing the earmark game to win

As mayor, Palin hired Wasilla’s first federal lobbyist to win the town tens of millions in federal earmarks. As governor, Palin has requested hundreds of millions in federal earmarks for Alaska. As a vice presidential candidate, she says she’s opposed earmarks all along. Oh really? Read More >>

An ethics record to rival Dick Cheney

Dick Cheney has had a lifetime to accumulate a reputation for shady ethics, but Sarah Palin is catching up fast. Just like the politician she hopes to replace, Palin has come under fire for politicizing top offices of law enforcement in both City Hall and the Statehouse. Read More >>

A closer look at Palin’s record in office

The McCain-Palin team has been touting her executive record as mayor, but did they mean to highlight her experience growing government spending and expanding debt? Read More >>




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