September 13, 2008

Sit down & Shut up! Brad Warner calls Genpo Roshi’s “Big Mind” bluff.

The below comes via Brad Warner, re Genpo Roshi, friend of Ken Wilber. Is this Buddhism for business types who can afford it, which is fine, or is this “spiritual materialism”—dumbed down, prettied up Dharma for Dummies?

With thanks to TheWorstHorse for the tip, check out our zen monk/punk rocker brau Brad Warner’s expletive-heavy blog railing against “charlatan” Genpo Roshi’s “Big Mind” Excerpt (but click over to read full bit, plus the…egad…124 comments):

Graham Barlow kindly pointed out that ads for Gempo Roshi’s Big Scam, Big Mind® have been appearing on this site in the little ads Google puts there. At first I thought I’d complain. But actually it amuses me that a few pennies of the massive loads of dough that charlatan rakes in with his fucked up fake Zen nonsense is going to me. Thanks for the pennies Gempo, you useless piece of shit. Gimme a ride on your motorcycle sometime.

As I’ve said, anyone who goes for Big Mind® gets what they deserve. Think you can get instant Enlightenment for a hundred fifty smackers?

workshops, which promise enlightenment, or something like it, through a soupy therapeutic exercise that struck me, when I was victimized by it at a Ken Wilber “Dialogue” in Denver, as…yes…you guessed it…Spiritual Materialism!

Here’s our live-2-video interview of Brad from one of the first ‘elevision’ talk shows at our second-to-last venue, Trilogy (now B-Side).

Genpo Roshi’s distillation at work:

Ken Wilber on Genpo Roshi’s work:

Big Mind retreat at Shambhala Mountain Center, showing the journey from DIA through Boulder, Owl Canyon…a great vid.

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