The Large Hadron Collider. [Stephen Hawking]

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on Sep 9, 2008
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Yes, I still read the New York Times.

This guy was in it:

Stephen Hawking is the man

Stephen Hawking is rather excited about the CERN experiment that is about to happen tomorrow. I have to say that I share his excitement, as well as his…ah…fun loving nature.

But, good folks, this also comes at a terrible price: yes, as of 3:30 AM EST Tomorrow, our world as we know it may get sucked into a tiny black hole. Here is an example:

The CERN Black Hole. Either that, or somehow we, these hopelessly replicating chains of chemical code, are somehow able to figure out some of the greatest puzzles about the known universe.  

You decide.

‘We will be able to see (maybe!) what the Universe looked like just moments after the Big Bang.  We may be able to see (maybe!!!) Dark Matter, that mysterious “what the f” stuff that seems to compose most of the known universe.  And yes, we may yet get to see a Black Hole.

CERN in 3 Minutes

The kinds of observations, revelations, and…other -tion words that we could possibly get out of this experience are mind-blowing, or at least they should be. 

What are we afraid of?

I’m sure there was a time when someone said “Hey, don’t play with that fire stuff, because we could burn ourselves!  Better that we stay in the dark, because at least we know what that feels like!”

This is going to be one of those moments, good folks, that we decide between our fear of the flame and our desire to light the darkness.  

Because, hey, that’s what we do.  We make decisions like that everyday.  

So I’ll see you again at 3:31 AM EST!

Oh, and before I forget…Large Hadron Rap


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3 Responses to “The Large Hadron Collider. [Stephen Hawking]”

  1. Heather says:

    That photo is scary.

  2. Emmett says:

    Science. Just another liberal conspiracy. Fox News would never unquestioningly offer this kind of propaganda without some kind of counterbalance from a conservative who knows more in his “gut” than any scientist does with their fancy, ivy-league degrees.

  3. Sarah says:

    It's really scary!