October 22, 2008

Eco-Luxury! Say it ain’t so. Post Ranch Inn shows you the green life in luxurious living

“A lot of people have the perception that going green means you have to sacrifice all your comforts, places like Post Ranch Inn prove that is not at all the case, you can be a total diva and still be an ambassador and caretaker of the planet.”

Bored on a Sunday Night, my boyfriend flicks through the T.V. channels and lands on a horrible, gore filled thriller movie. Um, I think not. My first instinct is to grab the remote as fast as possible and change it to anything better.  I find Alter Eco on the Planet Green Channel! I have been meaning to watch this for the last couple of months. I found out that going green doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy riches, spa days, luxurious hotel rooms and great views.  Featured on Alter Eco was Post Ranch Inn, a hotel that is “truly the epitome of eco-luxury.”

Post Ranch Inn, surrounded by Redwoods on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other, is located in central California’s Big Sur.  The inn sits on a bed of 100 acres, 36 acres of which are just for conservation and habitat purposes. The inn is all built into the landscape, and the materials that the structures are made out of either came from the property that the inn sits on or are all sustainably farmed. Also, a lot of the materials are from fallen structures or dilapidated barns from around the area.  When they built this beautiful inn, they only took down one single tree, because they sighted everything so they didn’t have to remove or destroy the natural environment.  The inn has tree houses designed to protect the roots of
nearby Redwood Trees and some of the furniture in the room is made from the fallen down Redwoods from the backyard of the inn.  The Post Ranch inn is one of the only hotels that provides a recycling bin inside the room! The best part of the room, one that can make or break a vacation, is the bed, which is a Royal Pedic- all organic wool.  And all the linens are washed in eco friendly detergents.

The Inn restaurant’s menu is ingredient driven, where it changes by what is in season, what is the freshest,
and the herbs in the garden (herb garden located on the roof of the restaurant).  The closer to the source of the food you are the most nutritious it is, more sustainable, and most fresh.

No chemicals or pesticides are used on the lands of Post Ranch Inn.  There is also a luxurious spa, whale watching, hike beneath the Redwoods, and a delicious restaurant on the property.

I can’t wait until I save up 2, 185 plus tax for a one night stay in the Cliff House Room! Post Ranch Inn definitely shows the luxurious side of eco life.

Visit Alter Eco or Post Ranch Inn

Angela and Darren from Alter Eco explored and experienced Post Ranch Inn (although I am quite curious why they drove to the Inn in a Chevy SUV.  Eco? I think not.)

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Read 3 comments and reply

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