October 30, 2008

Red, white and green. Go Green with Organic wine. The things you don’t know (and don’t want to know) about your average wine and why you should drink organic.

I had never thought much about my wine purchases when shopping the aisles of Trader Joe’s. The simple answer was in the phrase, two buck chuck.  Yep you got it, decent wine for two bucks.  Not bad! And quite unheard of in Colorado!  But I realized that maybe my wine choices were good for my wallet but not so good for my body (or the environment).

I was finally introduced to Organic wine.  I had never thought of wine to be anything but organic (but I have now realized I can’t trust anything in the manufacturing world today). Back in the day, vineyards weren’t
maintained with chemicals and pesticides as they are in the modern time. These days it is harder to find wine that is not synthetically manipulated whether by man-made fertilizers, pest deterrents, or chemical-laden bottling processes.  What really surprised me was that MOST WINE ISN’T VEGAN! Personally, I find that disgusting.  I don’t want animal-products in my alcoholic grape juice. So I was lucky to find that more and more wine producers are growing organic grapes using low-impact and biodynamic viticulture procedures, while also keeping the soil and long-term health of the earth in mind, not just their crops!  With no pesticides, herbicides or fungicides drinking biodynamic wine means you are not only keeping your body healthy, but the environment benefits too.
So why is most wine NOT VEGAN?
Mainly, it is due to the fining agents used in the final processing of wines, such agents include  isinglass (type of fish), gelatin, egg whites, skim milk casein (from egg whites). These additives are used in the making of the wines.
Shocked? Don’t worry it is becoming more common to find organic and vegan wines, just look for the labels at your local liquor store.

Learn how to make your own green wine

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Read 4 comments and reply

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