Solar panels vs Arizona? Conservationists vs. Environmentalists!

Via Lindsey Block
on Oct 10, 2008
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What do you like better: solar panels to save the World’s energy crisis or Arizona and Nevada? Okay, it’s not really a fair question or frankly a realistic idea, but using the space and sunlight of those two states can actually power the entire world.

The U.S uses 25% of the World’s energy.  If we were to install solar panels covering half of the state of Arizona -due to the amount of sunlight- there would be enough solar power to supply the U.S. with energy.  If we were to cover the entire state of Arizona along with the entire state of Nevada, there would be enough solar power to supply the entire world with solar energy.

Although, plans to further develop solar energy such as this have already been brought up, and great concern in the conservationists arose.  They are wondering if the actions toward solar energy are no longer eco, nor a positive step for the environment. Solar companies plan to build large power plants in the Mojave Desert but the conservationists are fighting against this plan because the solar power plants will destroy the natural desert habitat along with the wide open space.  The Mojave Desert was the targeted region due to the immense open land as well as the never ceasing sunshine.  The fear the industrialization of the Mojave Desert where every open space that is not protected as a national park or monument will be used as the foundation for the solar power plants.  The conservationists would rather have the solar companies install solar panels atop already existing buildings.

Although we are all trying to head in the right direction, we need to take action soon before we exacerbate this energy crisis.


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