Via Joy Engine: Tee Up for Change You Can Wear. Obama, McCain.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Oct 26, 2008
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We recently posted on some cool Obama posters (by folks including but limited to the Master, Shepard Fairey), and are happy to post the same for the two folks other than my pa who read this site and are voting GOP, just send us a write-up. Here’s a great blog, with links, on great Obama tee designs, from Celeste Provost and our friends Alex Henry, Todd Berger and Company over at Joy Engine, home of the loveliest design blog in the Whole Wide World. 

Just remember: try and wear your talk: buy tees where the money actually goes to the Obama Cause, and ideally tees that are fair-labor and USA-made. China’s got enough of our dough.



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5 Responses to “Via Joy Engine: Tee Up for Change You Can Wear. Obama, McCain.”

  1. admin says:

    That’s a great one. I like 16, too. And Shepard Fairey’s 14, of course.

  2. Tom says:

    It’s really funny/sad that Obama has become a commodity in this country. People will buy just about anything with his face/name on it, and most people don’t even really know about the politics/history behind the man other than the dumbed-down information they get from the media.

    It’s become more important to be trendy and fashionable by wearing Obama apparel than to actually research the man’s political agenda / voting record / corporate and lobbyist associations.

    I wonder what things would be like if people gave $1-billion to charities instead of to the Obama & McCain campaigns (~$650-million to Obama & ~$350-million to McCain).

    This country NEEDS campaign finance reform like a mofo. And people in this country need to wake up and look past the bullshit claims made by marketing…ahem…”political” campaigns.

    Buying trendy political t-shirts/swag is self-righteous, unnecessarily-consumption in my book. Do the “green” thing: vote how you want to vote and donate that $25 to an actual charity instead of wasting it on fashion accessories.

  3. admin says:

    Another thoughtful comment, Tommy. Great points. I would however say that fashion is fundamentally about communication and fun—two things that make as good measures as any as to the fact that, at long last, the youth vote, is getting involved. And no matter who they’re voting for–even your Congressman Paul–that’s a good thing.

    And if they vote in someone who’ll get us out of foreign entanglements, as both Senator Obama and Ron Paul want to do, that’ll save a whole lot more than the $1 Billion you mention.

    Campaign finance reform, finally, has always infamously failed. Money, like water, always finds cracks. That’s why I didn’t mind that Obama skipped the public finance system–the fact that most of his donations are, like Howard Dean’s in 2004, coming from small donors may hopefully signal the ultimate democratization of the election process.

    Finally, I for one have spent hundreds of hours researching and reading. I hope all the Obama tee wearing hipsters and frat boys and Obama girls have arrived at their conclusions with open, inquisitive minds that take into account that the next president, to keep things simple, will name three Justices to the Supreme Court–thus determining the balance, or lack thereof, of American politics for another generation (or two).

    Keep it coming–and any time you wanna write for us, just email [email protected], you got a lot to share.

  4. Tom says:

    there are lots of pubic misconceptions about obama’s “small donations” and where he is getting his money from.

    i wrote a blog about this recently. check it out.

    also obama doesn’t want to get us out of any “foreign entanglements” – he wants to continue them elsewhere (like pakistan…)

    also, let us not forget that no president can place any sup. court justices without the democrats in congress giving the thumbs up, so that’s hardly an issue.

    the democrats & republicans are both playing for the same team: the wealthy elite & corporate interests.