November 12, 2008

Book review: Leap Before You Look: 72 shortcuts for getting out of your mind and into the moment (Arjuna Ardagh)

This is a great book for those needing help in taking that deep breath and really connecting with themselves and others; in other words, it’s a great book for everybody.  In our too busy lives, it is far too easy to not spend time cultivating relationships, both with ourselves and with others, and as a result, we end up with a life that’s “a mile wide and an inch deep.”  Ardagh’s book offers the opportunity to change that through a series of exercises, some easier than others, and some that are just downright challenging to even think about taking on.  Fortunately, none of the exercises come across as “quick fixes.”  Instead, they are exercises that can help lay the groundwork for further development in a relationship (even in a relationship with oneself), and in some cases can provide the tool for breaking through a “stuck” relationship.  Be warned, however: even the “easiest” of these take a level of commitment and shouldn’t be undertaken lightly or with an attitude of “Oh, if the phone rings, I’ll go ahead and answer it.”  Be ready to set aside some time and be ready to really dig in, whether it’s into your own mind and relationship with yourself, or into the relationship you may have with another in your life.  Be ready to really move into the moment.  Printed in Canada on recycled paper using 100% post-consumer waste and processed without chlorine.  From Sounds True as a book, cd, or both, and also available at your local, independent bookseller.  (Tell ’em you saw it on Elephant Journal.com!)

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