Ease your Aches, Tend to your Bruises with Peaceful Mountain’s Arnica. (Review)

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on Nov 2, 2008
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“The Hippie Bengay” via Dave Rogers, from the Holiday 2008 issue

Like many Boulder-ites, I overdo exercise—so I’ve been intimate with arnica for years. The day after I got this stuff I went over my handlebars, getting one of those deep bruises that make you limp like you were stabbed with a pencil all the way to the eraser. I went crazy with this goo—it helped me feel less achey, sped my recovery, smelled good (but not strong enough for someone at Vic’s [café] to flare their nostrils), wasn’t greasy and came in a plastic tube (more convenient than metal tubes). And, of course, if ele is reviewing it, this Boulder biz ain’t tested on bunnies, Bangladeshi babies or made in an oil refinery.




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