November 14, 2008

Have a Happy Green Thanksgiving. Buy local, be cheerful. [free-range, eco, tofurkey, Good Shepard Turkey, Heritage Turkey, Rainbow Ranch]

Just because this holiday revolves around big portions of turkey and stuffing doesn’t mean you have to lose all hope in helping out the environment. Thanksgiving is a celebration of coming together and enjoying what Mother Earth has to offer us. Start this year by making your holiday special, make it an eco-friendly Thanksgiving. You can feel fat and jolly at the end of your Thanksgiving and also feel that you have lessened your impact on the earth.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle– These three R’s of conservation can help guide you to making the right, environmentally friendly decisions throughout this holiday. First, when shopping for all your groceries, use reuseable bags [ whether it’s a cloth bag or the recycled plastic bags that you can buy at your local Whole Foods]. Only buy the amount of food you think you actually need, so you limit your waste. Or if you have too much, there is always room for leftovers in your fridge! Lastly, recycle anything you can from your big holiday dinner. Recycle all cans, plastic, paper and when grocery shopping, buy items that come in recyclable containers.

Buy Local, Organic Produce and Meats– Buying locally is an eco-friendly start to your green Thanksgiving. Local food is better for your health [has more nutrients when you get it right from the source], fresher and best for the environment. And also supports the local farmers!

Thanks to Planetgreen.com, I have the top tips for Organic Turkeys (or Tofurky!)

Top ranked choice is Good Shepard Turkey Ranch Heritage Turkey beause of its superior taste. These birds are vegetarian feed with the highest animal welfare standards. Their farm was the first to receive the Animal Welfare Certificate.

Next up is Organic Prarie Family of Farms Turkey. Organic Prairie Family of Farms are members of an independent co-op of organic family farms. The birds are all fed certified-organic feed, free of synthetic pesticides, genetically modified ingredients, and animal by-products. And they are raised free of growth hormones.

Rainbow Ranch Farms Free-Range Turkeys graze on native weeds, grasses, wild flowers, oats, seeds, vegetables and everything else natural! Rainbow Ranch steers clear of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, genetically modified ingredients, and artificial fertilizers. Their birds are organic, heritage, grass-fed, and cage-free. The company also uses recyclable and biodegradable shipping materials. Mmm!

And for the vegetarians, check out Tofurky Vegetarian Feast [certified Vegan]. This meatless masterpiece is GMO-free and filled with organic tofu.

You want to do the best for you family this holiday season, so don’t buy meats that are injected with hormones [and whatever else we would never think of eating] and are genetically altered. Buy organic, local foods and wines which will make everyone happy!

Also you can make your own eco-friendly holiday decorations from things lying around inside and outside your house. Decorate with fallen leaves and acorns. And set the mood with beeswax candles [rather than petroleum-derived paraffin candles.

Happy Holidays! Eat up.

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