PVC = Bad. Green Sex Toys = Naughty. [Treehugger. Video.]

Via Waylon Lewis
on Nov 29, 2008
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Here ya go. This blog may be quick and dirty—but its subject is clean, free of PVC which is evil and cancer-causing and bad enough in your shower curtain, let alone in something you’d stick up your [email protected]#$%^& yin yang. Our recommendation: stick with an (organic) cucumber. Or fair-labor, handmade glass! Video:

Why’s PVC bad—esp when in Rubber Duckies? This classic (and family-friendly) eco video tells all:


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12 Responses to “PVC = Bad. Green Sex Toys = Naughty. [Treehugger. Video.]”

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  6. jaime says:

    Go to http://www.karmasm.com
    Green Sex Toys. Good Karma.

  7. […] minded, and many are. But fact is many of us still drive, solo, our lovely SUVs, unfurl our PVC (cancer, anyone?) non-biodegradable mats and then, when we’re done, empty recycle bins out on […]

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  10. P'Gell says:

    A cucumber is NOT a "safe" sex toy. It is porous (more than American Made PVC) may contain pestitcides and also may BREAK! Not to mention is impossible to sterilise before or after use.

    Toys made of 100% silicone are safe, pthalate free and non-porous, and don't break like even well made glass toys can.

    Also, certain TPR and TPE toys are also phtalate frree and safe. SOME PVC toys are also phtalate free, but contain SiliGel with some people can't stand to smell. These should be covered with a condom, but will not "cause cancer."

    A "cucumber" is probably the LEAST safe sex toy one could choose. PLEASE get your facts straight before telling people to stick vegetables into their orafices.

    Advanced Reviewer and Ambassador for Edenfantasys.com

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