November 30, 2008

Should we Bail-out the private-plane-flying Big Three Automakers? Lots of jobs on the line. Or should we aid real innovation that only the rich can afford? NYTimes on Elon Musk & Tesla.

Tesla wants your money. In fact, Tesla needs your money. What, can’t afford a $100,000 plus green electric super-cool sports car? Well, Tesla is smart, I say: they’re letting the rich fund their first run of cars, and as prices drop they’ll introduce a cheaper round of family-friendly electric autos. Still, they need some help—and if we truly prize innovation, shouldn’t they get it? Or is giving even 1% of our bail-out tax money to a rich, privately-owned company just plain crazy? Read and decide—it is, after all, your money.

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Read 4 comments and reply

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