Vegan Thanksgiving Reaches the Hunters! Bonus: Deer attacks Hunter [video]

Via Caroline Clark
on Nov 23, 2008
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The University of Colorado chapter of the Partnership for Animal Welfare hosted their annual free vegan Thanksgiving feast of a lunch this week. Turn-out=awesome, food=awesome, people=very, very thankful.

Including the man in his hunting gear Tshirt with the cute catchphrase: “There’s a place for all of God’s creatures—right next to the potatoes and gravy!” ….wtf? But he really lapped up the free vegan food.

With guests like this game hunter, the event did more than preach to the choir. I, myself, am not vegan, but having a chance to taste substitutes was very enlightening. This exposure to how realistic a vegan lifestyle can be was extremely important for our community. I am jazzed about it.

Why have a vegan Thanksgiving? There are health reasons for veganism, animal welfare concerns, and the nasty environmental externalities we have seen from much of the meat industry.

Check out these vegan Thanksgiving recipes.

Bonus: via the Funnyordie folks:


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    This may be corny, but, man am I proud of you!

    Love, Grandma

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