Book review: Hurry Up and Meditate: Your starter kit for inner peace and better health (David Michie)

Via Todd Mayville
on Dec 1, 2008
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Hurry Up and Meditate is a book for the average business person who is looking for a way to step back and maybe bring some calm into their day.  Hurry Up and Meditate is written for skeptics, and as such, this well-written book is definitely geared more towards facts and research, with a focus on the physical and psychological benefits of meditation.  Michie does give a nod towards spirituality and religion, and offers reassurance that meditation is a part of every major religious system, but the book is definitely non-religious in nature.  He instead advocates that anyone and everyone can benefit from meditation practice, and has the research to back up his claims.  In addition to advocating for meditation, Michie provides some basic meditation instruction and spends some time discussing different types of meditation.  In an acknowledgment to his audience, Michie also provides a chapter on “troubleshooting,” which is set up in a business-book-friendly-FAQ format.  My only suggestion for strengthening this book would be a cd or link to mp3’s of guided mediation sessions that a reader could access, though there are plenty of these types of things already out there, so the its lack doesn’t really take away from the material.  Offered by Snow Lion Publications, this is the perfect book for the businessman/woman who really sees the need for more mindfulness in their lives, but also needs some science to back up what is often perceived as a “soft” or even “hippie” lifestyle choice.  Printed in the USA on acid-free recycled paper and available at your local, independent bookstore.


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