Cow Fart Greenhouse Gas Eco Tax?

Via Waylon Lewis
on Dec 3, 2008
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Mmmmmm, love that tasty cow. Too bad growing them cows kills…not just cows but our environment.

So, lo and behold, Obama & Co are looking at implementing a Cow Fart Greenouse Gas Eco Tax! Say that fast three times. Or, read this once. Favorite comment (from ‘Vegan World’…of course) :

You cow-torturing farmers don’t like to face facts. The product you produce is linked to a hundred things bad. Somehow we have to decrease consumption of the stuff. We vegans tried to speak reason to you all, but you did not want to listen. So now your pocketbook needs to talk… We’re taxin’ the stuff. Read my lips, no carbon from cows here by the grace of meat mongers and meat eaters. I, vegan, need a break from all you guys. I live a clean, green, good-artery-flow, good-karma life. Why should I hurt from you people depleting topsoil, water, forests, fossil-fuel, and clean air. You people need to go down; and you don’t want to face it. Love animals. Don’t eat them. Get hip; go veg.   ~ Vegan World

Excerpt from the article itself:

The idea of a cow tax aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions has been tried elsewhere — with similar reactions from the agricultural community. Plenty magazine notes, for example, that such taxes were proposed in New Zealand and Estonia, but were eventually shouted down.

But the E.P.A. may find new impetus for the idea with the arrival of a new administration that seems determined to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. Methane has more than 20 times the heat-trapping potential of carbon dioxide, according to the E.P.A. (though it stays in the atmosphere for a shorter period).

Still, there is good news for farmers. Methane can be turned into electricity — called “cow power.”


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4 Responses to “Cow Fart Greenhouse Gas Eco Tax?”

  1. kon joo lee says:

    Algae and diatom can grow with Cow manure So cow manure can solve greenhouse gas crisis.

    cow manure 50g nitrogen fertilizer + (200x50g)CO2+ DOM(disolved organic matter)+PO4+ sun light+ algae diatom= algae and diatom+clean water
    algae can use energy source.

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