Eco Gent Crush Number Eight: Dominic Monaghan [Lord of the Rings, Lost]

Via Lindsey Wolf
on Dec 3, 2008
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On one of the first very wintery days in Boulder, what else is a single girl to do besides return to her day dreams of eco crushes? On our list at number eight is Dominic Monaghan. Now I was a fan of his during his Lord of the Rings days, but I really started to love him when he starred on Lost, my favorite TV show of all time. Then I saw him walking through the Lower East Side one day (much taller in person)! And after recently finding out about his support of environmental issues, I am sold on his crush-worthiness.

In 2003, Dominic bought a forest in India to protect it from deforestation. His involvement of this cause was deepened when he became a spokesperson for Project Last Stand which supports organizations and individuals protecting forests. According to the Project’s site, every single day 214,000 acres are cut, an area larger than New York City. Wow. This initiative was organized through The Elephant Head Group (nice name!) a nonprofit “dedicated to remembering our connectedness to each other and the natural world through raising awareness and support for those who are taking action towards positive change.”

Another cause supported by Monaghan is protecting wild animals’ habitats from being threatened by human development. As a result he starred in PETA2’s first wildlife ad, reminding viewers to “Share the World…Your actions can and do have an impact on the natural environment around you.”

With that concise and important reminder, we have Dominic Monaghan at number eight.


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4 Responses to “Eco Gent Crush Number Eight: Dominic Monaghan [Lord of the Rings, Lost]”

  1. Heather says:

    Great post! I had no idea that he had environmental interests.

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