Eco Gift Expo ’08. A One-Stop-Shop Holiday Shopping Event. Environmentally-friendly Gifts, Goodies & Gadgets [Conscious Consumerism].

Via Lindsey Block
on Dec 1, 2008
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Elevision – Eco Gift Expo 2008 from Waylon Lewis on Vimeo.

Capitalism and economy are the driving forces of our modern world, so it is important to turn them into something environmentally-responsible.

Eco Gift Expo, in Santa Monica (disclosure: elephant journal is a thoroughly-biased, proud sponsor) is the first large-scale holiday gift expo focusing on fair-trade, eco products. Conscious consumers from around the world (and our editor, Waylon Lewis) will flock to the Eco Gift Festival, December 12-14, in Santa Monica, California. Eco Gift 2008 plans to host more than 15,000 conscious consumers and 200 environmentally responsible vendors in a stress-free one-stop-shop expo.


Eco Gift is a large scale eco, environmentally friendly, conscious consumer gift show where you can buy all your holiday gifts and feel good about them. Fair trade, organic, sustainably produced goods and services are available in a one stop shop, stress-free, cheerful environment.

“The whole idea behind the festival is to put the spirit back into the holidays” (Tommy Rosen) while also changing the mindset of the Christmas holiday from being about eating and consuming, to something special, about love and family, friends and appreciating life—and offering presents to loved ones in the spirit of…imagine…conscious consumerism!

The Eco Gift Expo aims to make holiday gift shopping social and educational with live music, socially and environmentally conscious speakers (including Arianna Huffington!), films, performers, an organic food court, on-site eco gift wrapping, etc. It is not only eventful but educational in teaching the consumers how to live more sustainably and more consciously of their purchases. This green holiday gift show hopes to be a zero waste event (we’ll report on how successful that turns out to be—it’s a huge challenge with huge events).


Founder of Eco Gift Expo Tommy Rosen and wife Kia Miller (a yoga teacher), sit the talk. Meditation practice allows Tommy, Kia, employees, volunteers et al to have a successful—and stress-lite—festival. Meditation is absolutely necessary while organizing the event: “getting control of your mind before your mind gets control of you” explains Tommy.

For more: check out our videos on Tommy & Eco Gift: this one, this one or this one.


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    We’ll see you there, eleCrew!

    Scott James
    Fair Trade Sports
    ele “Mindful Life” Winner 2008
    Eco-certified Fair Trade soccer balls and more!

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