I just got back from Eco Gift Festival in Santa Monica. [Video]

Via Waylon Lewis
on Dec 16, 2008
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I just spent my first week out in LA since my grandma Ann and Aunt Dorothy passed away back when I was eight. I got to hang (and get my ass kicked in yoga class) with officially-dear-friend Seane Corn, witness an amazing huge successful (yes, even in this down eco-nomy) Eco Gift thanks to hunky Tommy Rosen and his lovely wife Kia Miller, and their wonderful volunteer Krewe…I got to run on the beach by dolphins and surfers, I got to jaw drop at the most astounding flora and fauna this Buddhist cowpoke’s ever seen, I got to meet some of the most amazing ecopreneurs this side of sustainability, give an elephant to idol Arianna Huffington (again thanks to Seane who intro’d us) and tell her (before she was whisked away by her handlers) that original video content oughta be her next big traffic-garnering move, in my humble slash idiotic slash self-serving opinion…I got to give Pangea to Val Kilmer, give a talk and then interview Mallika Chopra, Seane, ol’buddy Max Simon and lifetime pal Rainbeau Mars…I saw the most unbelievable film in years and ask a pointed question with followup of the filmmaker afterward, I bought my first two pairs of TOMS and went to three fabulously fabulous LA parties (two of ’em thanks to hooked-up pal Jen Sall) with model/actor waiters and waitresses, talented guests and schmoozing galore, I got to go to Urth and RFD (both of ’em) and a half-dozen other eco restaurants, any one of which could give Boulder’s eco-est a run for their green money. Final highlight of the trip: going to TOMS pop up store then seeing Global Green & Stacy Peralta host a screening of Made in America, again courtesy Miss Sall.

Below’s a lovely little rough draft video via a new filmmaker friend, Whitney Lauritsen:


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17 Responses to “I just got back from Eco Gift Festival in Santa Monica. [Video]”

  1. Lindsey says:

    Wow Waylon sounds like you had such a great trip! Lots of fun and glad you got in an important moment with Ms. Huffington. We’re happy to have you back in Boulder, however!

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  3. Yo dude…you definitely gave LA a workout! You best be out here again soon…at least not decades later. The LA green community has a permanent reserved couch for the Way.

    Much love!

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  16. Claire Amber says:

    Nice! Brings back memories. I enjoyed working behind the scenes (as host to press and speakers), meeting Arianna and getting involved in the L.A. green scene. Glad that I met you there, too, at the after-party : ) That was a great event and a career-making one for me. Glad you enjoyed it,too. Cheers!