Top 5 Ways to De-Stress During Finals Week [Sex, Yoga, Meditation, Health, Exercise]

Via Lindsey Block
on Dec 16, 2008
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Attention all students: here are a few tips to take your mind off all the exams and papers…

1.  Probably the most obvious way to de-stress your mind is meditation.  Concentrate on breathing rather than those math equations you need to memorize. Thinking about your inhaling and exhaling will calm down your entire body. Along the same lines as meditation, take an hour break to get some exercise and also calm your mind.  Yoga is a great workout that also allows your whole mind and body to take a little break from all the finals anxiety.

2.  Organize your desk or clean your room.  If you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed out, it is best to settle the environment you’re working in.  Take a 15 minute break to clean up all the clutter.  By organizing everything around you, your mind will feel more at ease and less overwhelmed.

3.  If you are more of the hyper type—not much into the calming, relaxation exercises, hit up the gym for a long, hard run on the treadmill, exercise outside or cool down with a swim.  With a hard, sweaty workshop, your body pumps out endorphins and may actually help you study after the workout. With high energy and an uplifted mindset, you will feel good about your body and in the mood to crunch out that term paper. Don’t have time to get to get out?  Just do a couple jumping jacks or jump rope for a couple minutes. If your mind is sleepy, this will kick it back up to speed.finals week school study stress

4.  Can’t study without a snack?  Me either!  Plan ahead. Go to your local health food store and pick up some yummy snacks.  For the sweet tooth: dried mango slices, pineapple rings, or your favorite dried fruit. For savory:  Roasted and salted nuts, pretzels, rice crackers. If you are one to feel the continuous need to be putting food in your mouth the entire time you’re studying, grab a bundle of grapes or blueberries. You can occupy your mouth with healthy foods that won’t make you feel weighed down.

5.  Last but not least, sex! Who could forget this one. I can’t imagine anything else that can get your mind off finals more. Although it may not be the calming activity your mind needs, it will definitely take you away from the reality of tests and papers.

Enjoy and good luck on the finals!

Got better de-stressing or studying tips? Comment below.


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9 Responses to “Top 5 Ways to De-Stress During Finals Week [Sex, Yoga, Meditation, Health, Exercise]”

  1. admin says:

    I heard that sex before a test makes you preform better. Guess because you’re not all clogged up?

  2. Student Of Jon's says:

    WOAAAH JON hearing about you talking about this kind of stuff makes me a tad big uncomforatable. beign an ex student of yours and all. WHAT you are doing is WONDERFUL. and i hope you will keep it up, you are my insperation in life and help me get through my everday. THANKS SO MUCH 😉 keep it up your amazzzzinnng honeeeey

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  4. cHRYSTAL says:

    Great article. The treadmill and something healthy to eat before sex can make for some really epic sex!

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