Cuffs for Everyone! (and love and peace)

Via Joana Smith
on Jan 8, 2009
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Yes, Cuffs!

….Cuffs? you say.

*Cuffs are the epitome of eco-fashion, they are made out of stuff we find,

*Cuffs are a flag.

*Cuffs are not about one thing or the other, cuffs are about BOTH!

*Cuffs are something we make for each other, but you can also make them for yourself!

*Cuffs will change in time, but if they break, fix them!

*Wash cuffs in biodegradable cleanser or in a mountain stream.

*Put your stories in your cuffs

*Dream in your cuffs:::::

campaign cuffs

We started making cuffs eleven months ago…

We were living in Boulder at Chautauqua, under the Flatirons, flatirons in snow

We started small, making them for the people we knew that deserved them,

like Fabienne from Cannes, France.

abilene likes to hide in the plants

She lives in Boulder, CO with her husband Brandon Geer.

They started a family last August, and

they are doing cloth diapers.

But after awhile…

we plan on making it Big….very Big.

In a few months we will give cuffs to Barack Obama.

“Why Obama? ” you ask. “I’m not so sure about him yet.”

No… I think he’s gonna need them.

…and Cuffs are not for people because they’re perfect!

Cuffs are about seeing the ideal in someone.

Also… The playground was deserted...except mommy and abilene. last summer Abilene and I were playing in Niwot, CO

when a fountain burst out of a tree,


and an old man dressed in white came out from behind it and told me that if I gave the President cuffs

it would benefit all of US.

You’d do it.


They’re building it these days!


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10 Responses to “Cuffs for Everyone! (and love and peace)”

  1. Anna says:

    Lovely cuffs!

  2. Joana Smith says:


    lveo. peace.

  3. ndsmith says:

    Cuffs are for-giving.

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