January 7, 2009

Pill Link to Infertile Men, say Collective of Ancient Virgins [Vatican].

I don’t want to offend the Vatican, but it’s a bit like shooting fish in a barrel these days…but for the love of Pete, are you kidding me?!

It just goes further and further to prove my point that when we allow a group of celibates determine our sexual mores (or our science of sexuality), it does not end well. This story was published just two days ago, and I’m sorry I did not get on this earlier. I’ve just been too stunned and trying to sort out the details here. Why would you ever listen to a group of people who are so clearly biased against something? Why would you ever listen to a group of people whose idea of sexual morality is “just say no?” (unless of course you are making more babies, in that case you can say yes).

I mean, look. I am more than willing to talk about infertility with someone who has gone through it, and had it actually impact their lives. But I am not willing to have a guy who wouldn’t know if he were infertile in the first place, and never had to deal with the challenges of that. Sure, the Catholic clergy and monastic community are great people to talk to about what to do when you’re NOT having sex–I’m sure they have a lot of experience with such things. So, I think it is safe to say that while I consider Catholic clergy and such experts on things like model boat building, whittling, and the distillation of fine spirits, I do not consider them experts on the complicated topic of human sexuality.

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