Vodka: Absolut Clean. Sans Olive.

Via Saraswati J.
on Jan 30, 2009
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martini glass

by Sarah Janelle Miller

Clean and green is hard to find these days. In our complicated existence, simple is best.

Heck, I need a cleaner that can do it all. Floors. Counters. Bathtub. Toilets. Mirrors. And de-germ my life. None of this “a product for each task!”


Is this a perfect world? Can I have it all?

Empty out your martini glass, your five o’clock bevie just got another purpose.

With a bit of elbow grease and a handy dandy spray bottle, vodka is a natural disinfectant and a super cleaner. It makes cleaning mirrors a streak-free dream. It sanitizes the nastiest of compost buckets. It de-goops the grime of bathtubs. It makes Mr. Clean jealous.

Add a drop or two of a an essential oil such as lemon, lavender or eucalyptus, to a spray bottle and mix 1/3 parts plain vodka to 2/3 parts water. Spritz and spray your way to cleandom.

And when you’ve scrubbed the house from top to bottom and you’re beat….



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7 Responses to “Vodka: Absolut Clean. Sans Olive.”

  1. oyabunmi says:

    Now this is great info for a mother of 3 like myself!

  2. Katja Miller says:

    vodka does a great job of sanitizing your cutting boards too, and you don’t have to worry about some nasty, toxic chemical absorbing into your food later!

  3. Sasha says:

    Love it !! I totally tried doing this (which I learned form you ages ago) and vodka really is the miracle cleaner! no more streaky mirrors for me! (insert obnoxious commercial voice here)


  4. rusty says:

    awesome idea! but can you recommend a vodka that is cheap, could be used for cleaning, AND is actually drinkable? ha!

  5. Sarah Miller says:

    Rusty, i have to say there’s no middle road here. top shelf vodka is meant for drinking (is there a shelf above the top shelf?!) and middle shelf and bottom shelf are meant for cleaning. you can get those at your local liquor store by the gallon.

  6. Ann says:

    Taaka Vodka is the cheapest brand I’ve found. No doubt my local liquor store hasn’t a clue I’m going home with my brown paper bag to spritz a few mirrors, counter tops and cutting boards. Be sure to let the vodka sit on any surface for a few minutes to get the full disinfecting benefits. Seems like Hulda Clark’s books talk about proportions of water to vodka and how long to leave it on. Also, it is drying to hands, so you might want to wear gloves.