Who cares about Climate Change? Global Warming? Apparently, we don’t.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jan 22, 2009
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A recent poll shows that Climate Change (a more accurate term for Global Warming) ranks dead last in priorities for Americans—who do however rank ‘the environment’ and ‘energy’ among their chief concerns, both of which are intimately connected, as is ‘the economy’ to the fact that even a few degrees’ shift and we’re sunk—as well as the fact that creating millions of domestic-based green (solar, wind…) jobs could solve a whole host of problems.


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2 Responses to “Who cares about Climate Change? Global Warming? Apparently, we don’t.”

  1. Thanks for this it is really interesting.

    But let me get this straight, I just want to make sure I am understanding this poll and if the American’s that took the poll did as well.
    Maybe I am beating a dead dog with a stick here…

    Climate change is inevitable as it has followed cycles over millions of years basically since the dawn of time. Global warming is one aspect or factor of climate change. Now we know that the levels of global warming we are experiencing now are not normal climate changes. We have scientific proof that the levels of emissions from cars and factories, cow farts, etc… are causing global warming at alarming rates. The earth is heating up and all that heat is stuck in our atmosphere and is causing catastrophic weather changes.

    Maybe the pollsters are not understanding the consequence of global warming and what effects it or maybe they are smarter than we think and took climate change for what it really means, a change in climate. Or maybe they just measure the health of our earth on the basis of our economy- which is a really scary thought because it seems we have come so far with environmental education.

    I have no idea just throwing this out there…

  2. one more thing, I would think that global warming or climate change would be included in the environment category.