Don’t Sweat It.

Via Lindsey Block
on Feb 3, 2009
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I woke up in an energetic mood this morning, so slapped on a baggy tee, spandex and laced up my running shoes tight.  I’m ready for the gym ( although I would rather run outside, years of sports made my knees and shins bad).  A cup of coffee, a little and I’m almost on my way.  A news story about gym etiquette?  Uh oh.  I sniff my armpits, deoderant check.  Look down at my feet, clean socks check.  Look between my legs, no holes in the crotch check.  So what else do I need to know to be a proper gym goer?

Highlights: clean up after yourself, keep to yourself, and bring a towel to wipe up your sweat.

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