Eco Sex Toys: Strictly Tongue and Cheek.

Via Saraswati J.
on Feb 4, 2009
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by Sarah Janelle Miller

Perhaps this story is a bit played out since several major sites have already reported on the newest, greenest bed fellows: a.k.a. eco sex toys.

You know it’s mainstream when even MSN is discussing it. Trendier sites, like The Grist, and our lovable Elephant, posted on this topic months ago as well. None-the-less I think it’s a worthy mention as we approach Valentine’s day. Right?

What exactly makes a sex toy eco? This little issue of phthalates is of course a big one to consider (how big?) Toxicity is not something you really desire inside one of your orifi. So go for a wooden paddle or one made of an old tire if you’re really concerned. (I’ve always felt old tires had a bad reputation.) Otherwise, if you seek greater adventure, you may opt for a glass dildo (bad if dropped) or natural PVC-free dildo (safer if dropped) or even metal (experimental dropping is ok.)

Treehugger’s thorough investigation covers (or uncovers) it all. Check it out for the scoop on biodegradability as well as the current choices available on the market. Everything from lubricants to condoms to solar vibrators.

One thing I haven’t seen available is a wooden dildo (would that be a woody? or a cock.block?) Maybe there’s a good reason for that…..

When you’re done letting your vibrator recharge outside in the noon day sun, perhaps you can come up with an eco-solution for all the broken, splintered or mangled toys that may accumulate on the planet once they reach old age. Including the vegan Floggs.


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5 Responses to “Eco Sex Toys: Strictly Tongue and Cheek.”

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  2. Robin Mack says:

    In such a time where we need not waste any steps we could take to be green
    In time where the sex industry is even being’s great to be reminded on the best bang for our health and for our buck
    Thank you

  3. Sasha says:

    Well played! I love the visuals…. quite an eclectic condom assortment!

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