Guantanamo, Patriotism & Jon Stewart.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Feb 6, 2009
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As a patriot, it makes me…queasy to be reminded that my country’s been acting in a manner befitting a third-rate dictatorship with (despite the efforts of a hero named Michael Lehnart, as mentioned below) only little regard for human freedoms, habeus corpus, internationally-agreed upon Geneva rights or…basic organizational skills like knowing who did what.

And so it falls again to our hero, Jon Stewart of The Daily Show, to give us a bitter pill of truth surrounded by a sweet coating of funny so that folks like yours truly will bother to learn a bit about the horrible, un-American and incompetent things we did over the last 8 years—and so that we remember never to do so again, never ever.

Karen Greenberg: “The disrespect for the rule of law and the constructive role it plays, both domestically and internationally, is appalling—and to think that it makes us less safe to have trials…”



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  1. JYjelly says:

    the guy’s name is actually Micheal Lehnart

  2. Good on you! I’ll edit the post, above.

  3. […] later, Rick shoved off on his own, and has since become Canada’s Jon Stewart—smart, funny, vicious with a smile, a man more powerful in politics than just about any […]

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