Julia Butterfly Hill, on seeing MILK with friends.

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Julia Butterfly Hill is one of America’s most famous young activists, first coming to our nation’s attention a few years back when she sat in a tree (see video, below)…for a looong time. Here she talks about seeing the movie, MILK:

I went to the Castro theater last night with friends to watch “Milk,” starring Sean Penn, based on the true life story of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay person to be elected to public office.

It was profound to be sitting there right in the district where this movement was created. I had to keep holding back tears all night because I am so present to how far we have come and how much further we have to go. It amazes me that right before this film came out, Californians passed Prop 8, now being called by many of us, Prop Hate, excluding people in the homesexual community from their human rights and dignity.

I am continuously appalled by those who claim to have some ownership of what family values are–these same people who have abysmal records at making “marriage” work. Some of my very best examples of what is possible in the realm of deep, loving and long-lasting realtionships are my friends in the gay community.

Even the Bible says, “…And the greatest of these is Love.” And yet…for the rest, go to her wonderful blog and check it out!


Milk Trailer:

Sean Penn on Charlie Rose:

Bonus, some videos of Julia.

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9 Responses to “Julia Butterfly Hill, on seeing MILK with friends.”

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  2. Rick Gilbert says:

    Ms. Hill makes some good points. However, her perspective doesn’t seem to be dharmic at all. She’s very aggressive and fixed in her views. This is (or at least was) true of many of the Earth First! clan and other activists in Northern CA during the Pacific Lumber/Maxxam era. Now for the leap from trees to people:

    I’m a believer in gay rights all the way. I would have voted NO had I lived in CA last November. I appreciate how frustrating it is for this initiative to have passed, and how easy it is for that frustration to be directed at people who voted for it.

    However, I can’t believe that most people who voted for it actively HATE gay people. They may totally misunderstand them, they may have a belief system that’s different (at best) or ignorant (at worst), they may feel threatened in an unrealistic way. The outcome of their actions may FEEL like hate, but it seems many gay rights people are writing off supporters of this initiative as simply “haters.” Is that productive?

    A small part of me thinks it might be. I know it can be argued that a strident, uncompromising element can sometimes be the one that helps effect change (as nauseatingly self-righteous and unfunny as these people can be). I’m just wondering if that’s true each and every time.

    I’m hoping gay rights advocates are at least trying to talk to Christian conservatives, Mormons, and other supporters of Prop 8–just to drop THEIR own prejudices about these people.

    I doubt Ms. Hill does that kind of thing very often. It’s easy to sit behind a booth at a hemp festival and talk to the converted about the “ignorant, hateful” elements out there. She could really help by going to a Sunday service at an evangelical church, getting to know people, and just listen to what’s going on. See what happens when your “enemy” has more in common with you than what might be comforting…

    If she’s doing that kind of activism, then I applaud her.

  3. Rick Gilbert says:

    I just read her blog a little, and she does seem to make an attempt to relate to people with divergent views–so good for her.

  4. I’m with you all the way, Rick. As you say in your second post, there’s actually another post by Julia on her blog about trying to get to know ‘such people’ with opposing viewpoints better.

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  7. Zaida Stallings says:

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