Nago Sportiva Climbing Shoes…They Rock.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Feb 14, 2009
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La Sportiva Climbing Shoe

If I told you that most climbing shoes are made by malnourished children in oppressively hot, poorly-lit Chinese dungeons, I wouldn’t be so far from the truth as one might hope. So get these new Nagos—they’re Italian-made, certified Fair Labor, 8.29 ounces, stylish.

Ideal for beginners, they’re a solid overall all-around climbing shoe. A great pick for gyms looking to stock a house shoe.

Review via Waylon Lewis, from elephant journal’s good ol’fashioned print Holiday 08 issue.


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7 Responses to “Nago Sportiva Climbing Shoes…They Rock.”

  1. Andrew Armiger says:

    To my understanding, FiveTen climbing shoes are all vegan (i.e. compassionate) and Evolv offers many vegan climbing shoes. Someone please correct me if I am mistaken.

  2. Andrew Armiger says:

    I see now that some of the FiveTen climbing shoes do have leather.

  3. Andrew Armiger says:

    Evolv shoes are assembled in USA, smaller carbon footprint and compassionate materials. Also sponsor of the one and only Chris Sharma. : )

  4. Andrew Armiger says:

    My FiveTen Southwest shoes are made of non-animal materials, with upper material made in Korea, rubber sole and assembly in USA.

  5. We're looking to review and name 5 favorite climbing and bouldering shoes. What are your faves we should look at? Email us at editorial @ elephantjournal .com

    Judy W
    want a pair !
    I think FiveTen is all Made in China?

    Scott Wilson Badenoch Jr
    Salomon XT Wings. bad ass hiking/trail running shoes

    Mark Becker
    Yay! Diligent research and my love of REI wins again!
    2 hours ago · · Report

  6. Thanks for copying your comments over from, the support means a lot, Andrew.

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